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Sue Bluck and band interpret

The following two CD’s capture Sue’s original music.

Tune Into My Station

“I had wanted to record a live vibe CD of my original material for a while as I had been writing these songs and playing some of them at gigs with the band. The time was right to record them and the opportunity arose to record with Bob Patient at Anarchy Studio with Bob as the engineer/producer.”

“The musicianship and playing from everyone on this album is so good, I feel extremely fortunate to have these fine musicians playing my music. They are all wonderful musicians and great friends.”

Paul Millard wrote the great horn arrangements for the title track and the mini big band track. The vocal trio ‘Birdland’ add a lush sound to the originals ‘Half Moon’ and ‘Scuse Me’. Bob Patient is playing organ for a few tracks. The album is versatile in its content as it fuses jazz/blues/latin and funk grooves.

“A couple of songs were written in the last couple of weeks due to the excitement of the moment. There are some great grooves, the last track being a party dance song, a perfect way to end the album…grooving…”

Tune Into My Station

by Sue Bluck | Tune Into My Station

Hands On

1998 the album Hands On was released with the assistance of the Australia Council to release a body of work consisting of original material from musician Sue Bluck.

A musical canvas of gentle sounds and colours the album features some fine playing and singing from Sue and
some of her colleagues and friends. Highlighting the close rapport she had developed with bassist Anita Hustas and percussionist Gary Ridge. Guests include guitarist John Meyer, saxophonist Andrew Oh, drummer Chris Tarr.

The music is honest and smooth sounding. Sue’s composition “Song for the Newborn” is dedicated to the birth of a son that year – celebrating his new life – “a beautiful lullaby”. The repertoire varies from Brazilian influenced instrumentals and vocals to meditative Piano/Bass improvisations, through to vocal love ballads.